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  • Yorkshire Christmas Hamper UPDATE Big CheeseYorkshire Christmas Hamper UPDATE Big Cheese 29.95
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Hampers for men

Hampers for men

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Since 1865, Elizabeth Botham & Sons has been a family run craft bakery in the ancient port of Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast. Following our original recipes, the finest ingredients are skilfully combined to produce a wide range of bakery products from Biscuits, Plum Bread and Cakes to Pork Pies. Browse the shop to view our excellent and extensive range, with many items available for worldwide delivery.

"One slice of their sticky Ginger Brack, speckled with plump golden sultanas and succulent nuggets of Australian stem ginger, will convince any self-respecting lotus-eater of their worth...."

As we are now passed the order deadline, no orders placed now can be guaranteed for delivery before Christmas. We will do our best to complete all orders received in the next few days, but they can only be taken on the understanding that parcels might not now arrive in time. Thank You.

** 19/12/14: Christmas orders closed. Sorry, but we can only accept orders now for delivery after the holidays**

Hampers will still be available to order. But please accept that due to extremely low stocks of some key products, substitutions for other of our delicious items may be necessary.


All UK parcel deliveries intended for the holiday period will be despatched from Monday 8th December. You will not be able to request specific delivery dates for this period.
Requests for a more specific delivery date can be made for parcels to arrive up to and including Monday 8th December 2014 and from 5th January, 2015.

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