Mike Jarman of Elizabeth Botham & Sons, with John Partridge, Economic Development Officer for the County of North Yorkshire, present a selection of 'Resolution Tea' and Biscuits to the Captain of HM Bark Endeavour. Who kindly agreed to ship a case of 'Resolution Tea' across the Atlantic, to present to the Mayor of Boston on their arrival.

Ship's Cook Joanna Mannington.

Ships' Cook Joanna Mannington, took on board a range of victuals from Botham's; including, Resolution Tea, Plum Bread, Brack and Biscuits. Joanna said that the 2 pack Shah ginger biscuits were especially useful, as it solved a sticky problem for her. Apparently, ginger is an excellent remedy for any sailor suffering from 'Mal de Mere'. So on the trans-Atlantic crossing, anyone feeling a bit crook, will be given some Botham's Shah Biscuits!

"HM Bark Endeavour arrived in Boston Harbour at 11a.m. on Friday 14th August. It was a bright and sunny day, in the mid-80s with a little cloud and some breeze - just perfect," reported Mrs. Joy Travisano, a local of Boston, and good friend of Botham's. (Joy used to live in Whitby).
"She sailed around the Harbour, past the Constitution, the US Navy's oldest ship. By 12.15p.m. the Endeavour had docked and tied up. One of the crew was Dominic Heald, looking happy, tanned and healthy. We had last seen him serving behind the bar in the Hart Inn, Sandsend, on a previous visit to Whitby. His parents, Hilary and Tim, had travelled to Boston to surprise their Son. Apparently, the whole crew of the ship knew of their arrival - He was very overcome at the sight of his parents. It was obviously a very emotional and very happy reunion for them".

H.M Bark Endeavour entering Boston Harbour.
Berthing at Long Wharf, Boston, Massachusetts.
Joy Travisano with Mayor Tom Menino.
Mayor Tom Menino of Boston holds up a packet of Resolution Tea shipped over to him aboard the Endeavour. Also in the picture, is Mrs. Joy Travisano, whose family live in Whitby, but has now made her home with her husband Ben, near Boston. Joy and Ben were there at the quayside to welcome the ship, and had the chance to explain to the Mayor about Botham's Bakery and pass on greetings from our company.

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Named after Capt.Cook's famous ship. For every pack sold we will donate 5p to the 'Resolution Trust'. This is an exciting project to build a replica of Capt.Cook's famous ship on the banks of the river Esk in Whitby. As was the original over 200 years ago.

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