How Good Are We

How Good Are We

"To be honest, I'd rather have tea. And maybe a slice of ginger brack..." Joanne Harris - Author

Joanne Harris - Author

"Elizabeth Botham coffee and cake shop of Whitby was where I first tasted Yorkshire Brack. It’s a bit like a fruit cake but lighter and has the taste and texture of sticky toffee pudding. They have either tea infused or ginger flavour Brack sold there and it’s made fresh in the shop. When in there as well as buying some of this stuff try the lemon buns it’s what they’re famous for, they taste bloody great. But while walking round the town after with a bag of Brack in one hand, sticky lemon bun in the other and dodging the sea gull crap raining down from above. Do the local thing, split the bun in halve and turn the top over the make like a sandwich and munch away you won’t look too much like a tourist. Sorry almost forgot, buy 2 as it’s a long walk back up the bloody hill for another one."

James Martin - Celebrity Chef

"I just wanted to say thank you very much indeed for despatching my order so promptly even though I ordered it after your Christmas deadline had expired. I am impressed beyond words with your service - the package arrived on Friday to my complete surprise & delight."


"Just a note to say my order arrived yesterday as expected. The packaging was impressive & ensured that our Muffins arrived fresh & fluffy. I had not used this service before but will happily do so again "


"Gidday from Down Under! Thank you so much for your great service! Dad and Mum were thrilled to bits to get their hamper. It's nice to know I can rely on you to send gifts that are delicious, arrive on time and intact!"


"Thanks to you and your staff for the excellent service. My aunt in Italy received her package late last week - which seems extremely fast!"


"I would just like to say a big THANK YOU for delivering my order to York in time for Christmas, despite my late order and the atrocious weather conditions. You're a star!"


"Just a note to say thank you for all your care and attention in order to get my order right (and correct my error). My mum's hamper arrived this morning, exactly as requested, and she is thrilled with it. "


"Many thanks for the superb cake. My mother was thrilled with it and everybody who had a piece thought it was delicious. I will happily order from your company again. Again many thanks."


"Just to let you know that the cake was delivered today. One very happy daughter and one very satisfied customer. This is the first year she has not been at home for her birthday so it was great that with your help I was able to make it special for her."


Thank you so much for your help and customer service beyond that expected these days. I am sure I will have other occasions to use your service."


"Further to my telephone order, the buns and cake were delivered by smiling courier this morning"


The buns are delicious and have been received with delight. Thank you very much for your attention. We will certainly buy more on our next trip to Whitby."


"Thanks for supplying a great cake. As parents 400 miles away from our daughter a big thank you to you for helping to bridge the miles and make her birthday special. Please pass our gratitude to your team."


What is your favourite Yorkshire delicacy?


Is has to be the lemon buns from E.Botham & Sons in Whitby. I was brought up on them as a kid. The way to spot a local from a tourist is to see how they eat these delicacies: locals tear them in half then fold them over and eat them."


"One glimpse of Botham's fat little lemon buns and you wonder if they auditioned for smash-hit movie, Calendar Girls....Botham's is a rare British gem. Craft caterers and confectioners who bake the best from grandma's days" more


"Customers entering the elegant tea-rooms of Elizabeth Botham & Sons in Whitby, North Yorkshire, are greeted by a photograph of the woman who founded the company in 1865. A buxom Victorian lady, she looks as if she could lay on a good spread. In a sense, she still does, for 25,000 Christmas cakes are baked from her recipe each year. Mid-tan in colour, this fruit packed seasonal treat is wonderfully moist (the highest term of praise among Northern devotees of fruitcakes and pasties)..."


"A tasty slice of brack is just the thing to fill the mid-morning gap in a hungry tum. Yorkshire Brack, washed down by a cup or two of Resolution Tea"


"Go to Whitby, find a spare seat in Botham's busy tea-rooms, then enjoy the snack of the gods....And Botham's, where the waitresses wear white lace pinnies, is the Queen of English tea-rooms"


"One slice of their sticky ginger brack, speckled with plump golden sultanas and succulent nuggets of Australian stem ginger, will convince any self-respecting lotus-eater of their worth.... Chock-a-block with tea-soaked sultanas and currants, it looks and tastes like something Bertie Wooster might have enjoyed."


"The overall winner has to be the Ginger Brack, which disappeared the moment the packet was opened. Made with Australian Stem ginger, golden sultanas and a smidgen of orange zest it was packed with flavour but not at all overpowering. Again very sweet, it was moist and 'deliciously sticky."


"Hovering outside Elizabeth Botham's tea rooms in Skinner Street, we find ourselves propelled inside on a warm gust of coffee and the accolades of passers-by..... Botham's Gingerbread comes with Wensleydale cheese, with Yorkshire brack, buttered, plum bread and Bakewell tarts and strong cups of Resolution tea. Resolution and a python-like constitution is what the determined holidaymaker needs for eating out in Whitby"


"What would Yorkshire produce be without something sticky? Traditional Whitby bakers Elizabeth Botham & Sons are famous for their Yorkshire Brack, a gooey, fruity and utterly moreish cross between a bread and a cake.... They know all about the good life in Yorkshire."


"The cake and confectionary shop on the ground floor has a mouth-watering display while the restaurant upstairs is discreet, comfortable and salubrious. The waitress wore a black dress, white pinny and bob cap, the service was friendly and attentive, and breakfast superb.... Wonderful Whitby had triumphed again"


"However it's not just the big stores who can sell online. One of the longest-established and most successful online shops is run Elizabeth Botham and Sons, a Yorkshire-based bakers who have been selling cakes from their website for over four years.."


"An example to all small businesses seeking to expand their markets via the web. This Yorkshire-based food specialist combines simple on-line ordering, excellent customer service, and entertainingly presented information to produce an excellent site. Order a cake with a special message on it, send a hamper to a friend in the US, and watch videos of Whitby and the bakers in action. The pictures of goodies being baked genuinely make you reach for your credit card. Prices are clearly marked for international orders, usefully including postage and packing. Children will enjoy the games, recipes and educational guide to breadmaking, while adults will love the easy navigation, clear product descriptions, and astonishingly personal customer service. The site has won many awards and an international flock of devoted customers - deservedly so."


"Elizabeth Botham, a baker in Whitby, offers excellent service and a good web site. If you want hampers or tea brack - a fruit loaf flavoured with tea - sent round the world, you will get the nearest thing on the web to personal service here...."


In Botham's tea rooms, among the palms and the waitresses' white lace pinnies, an elderly couple sip jasmine tea ("traditionally drunk by far eastern princes") and read the quality papers.


"What's a visit to Whitby without some goodies from Elizabeth Botham's bakery? (I always take their Plum Bread as presents for Southerners, to show them what they're missing.) Patricia Spencer (I think) of Whitby is a regular customer at the Baxtergate shop and familiarity has made her even more enthusiastic. "Staff there are always so cheerful and welcoming. Even at times like Christmas when they're working under great pressure they make it a pleasure to go in there..."


People come from all over to buy the good things made here....Plum Bread is a knockout.


"Great Country Bakers like Bothams in Whitby are hard to beat"


"Tried and Tested"


"Number one craft bakery in Britain"


"Old fashioned in the best sense.....enough to tempt a medieval hermit out of a Michaelmas fast.....Above all, they care about quality"


"A local bakery with global customers"