Tea Selection

Botham's Teas

I am determined that we offer you the very best leaf tea you can buy anywhere. I am delighted to offer a superb selection of teas from around the world; including black teas from India and Ceylon, and black & green teas from China and Japan. Some of these teas are exceptionally fine and rare. Consequently, the prices vary greatly!
Michael Jarman, Director


Tea Terminology

Grades: Leaf/Pekoe - Pekoe is a corruption of an old Chinese word describing the white downy hairs on the back of a leaf or bud. This then signifies the largest grade, ie whole leaves and buds. Broken Pekoe - The next largest grade of tea; Fannings - Small pieces - left overs; Orange: Nothing to do with colour or flavour but a reference to the House of Orange as the Dutch were the first to ship fine teas into Europe. A sign of high quality.
At Botham's we offer fine, full leaf Pekoe or Broken Orange Pekoe in our loose leaf tea selection.