Whitby Heritage Ginger Loaf

Whitby Heritage Ginger Loaf


This original Whitby Gingerbread is a block gingerbread peculiar to the town and has been made here for many hundreds of years. It is quite unlike any other Gingerbread available as it is baked to a firm loaf with a texture between a bread and a biscuit. It is not a cake or a biscuit as many people would imagine.
This high quality product is delicious sliced thinly, buttered and eaten with a farmhouse cheese, such as Wensleydale or Coverdale and is also delightful with preserve. Without doubt, a perfect speciality to be eaten on a crisp winter's day in front of a glowing fire.
Gingerbread Loaf
Total weight approx 400g/14oz
Item Per 100g
Energy (KJ) 1495.7
Energy (KCals)
Protein (g) 4.8
Carbohydrate (g) 63.9
of which sugar 27.7
Fat (g) 9.0
of which saturates 4.3
Fibre 1.4
Salt 0.5

Suitable for Vegetarians?Yes (Suitable for vegan diets)

Allergy Information:Contains: Gluten

This is NOT a sticky ginger cake! So please do not think you have received a stale cake! It's drier in texture - between a bread and a biscuit, to be buttered and eaten with cheese.


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