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Whitby Lemon Buns (pack of 4) - to post
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Whitby Lemon Buns (pack of 4)

The one and only, original Whitby Lemon Bun!

We've spied our famous Lemon Buns being emulated in Marks & Spencer, heard James Martin mention them on many a TV show, and even seen a recipe for them in Paul Hollywood's cookbook! But ours are the only original Whitby Lemon Buns, and we've been making in Whitby for over 100 years.

Buying a pack of 4 here means we bake them for you freshly on the day of dispatch, so they are not available for a Monday delivery date. We post them out sealed for freshness, with a pot of our special lemon icing to top them at home. This would make a sweet gift for that certain someone who is a big Lemon Bun fan!

* Whitby Lemon Buns *
Botham's have been making our famous Lemon Buns in Whitby for over 100 years. Our special recipe has been passed down through the generations to Elizabeth Botham's great and great-great-Grandchildren who run the bakery today.

* What are they? *
A sweet enriched dough with added sultanas make these delicious soft buns. In our Whitby bakery they are topped with their crown of white lemon icing by our skilled Finishing Room team - but now we hand this special task over to you!

* How do I finish my Whitby Lemon Buns? *
Take your buns out of their protective cellophane wrap when you're ready to eat them. Add a tiny amount of water to your pot of white lemon icing to loosen it up a little and stir until smooth. Using a butter-knife, gently and smoothly apply the icing to the top of your buns.

Enjoy this traditional taste of Whitby!

Typical values Per 100g (1 bun weighs approx 72g)

Energy (kj) 1,362.85

Energy (kcal) 325.73

Fat (g) 4.18

Saturates (g) 1.63

Carbohydrate (g) 69.88

Total sugars (g) 45.12

Protein (g) 4.65

Salt (g) 0.6

Delivery Information:UK delivery only. Please be aware that fresh baked items have a short shelf life and require eating soon after delivery.

Allergy Information:Contains: Gluten, Milk, Egg, Soya