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Hello and welcome. You have come to a place made for children. Have fun - Just click on a picture to get about.

The History of Bread .

The story behind a loaf of bread

With the success of "From Seed to Sandwich" aimed at Key Stage Level 2, Botham's have now released a new educational web site for older children and adults. We hope you enjoy the pages.


From Seed to Sandwich Here it is! The ultimate fun guide to how bread is made.

What's Cooking.What's Cooking

This is where you will find recipes. Some need a little help from an adult, some don't.

Back to Botham's Home Page.Back to Botham's Home Page

If you want to know about Elizabeth Botham & Sons, the famous English, family Bakers, or if you want to know more about bakery, press the Bothams sign. This link takes you back to our main site.Elizabeth Botham's Secret or "Botham's: The Beginning" (with a little poetic licence...)
An amusing ditty about Caedmon, the hungry father of Saxon rap and hip-hop, by Chris Percy!

This site has been produced in conjunction with Alan Snow to whom we are deeply indebted! Although Alan is a very modest gentleman and would never mention it... he is a very talented author and animator; recently winning the "New York, Best Illustrated Children's Book award". Although freelance, he works extensively with Aardman Animations, the creators of Wallace & Gromit! Look out for his hilarious computer game for sale through Virgin called "P.A.W.S." and his latest game from B.M.G. called "Duck City!"
The images for "From Seed to Sandwich" were created by Roderick Murray. A wonderfully talented artist with a great eye for comic characters. I feel sure we will be seeing more of his fun images in the future!
"We have had great fun, in creating these pages especially for you. If you enjoy them, then please do let Bothams' know. You can write to me Espressoby clicking on this.... Kids Corner"

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