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Growing wheat for bread is a year long process, so the first part of the Farmer's job starts in the August of each year with the ploughing after the last harvest.

The Plough is attached to the tractor then the Farmer goes up and down the field to turn the soil over to prepare it for the next year's crop of wheat.

The Farmer then uses a machine called a "Roterra" which breaks the soil down so that the Farmer can then sow the seeds for the next crop of wheat.

The wheat seed is then sown with a machine called a "Corn Drill". Attached to the back of the tractor this machine allows the Farmer to plant many seeds at the same time. Better than having to do it all by hand! Take far too long!

A fertiliser called "P&K" is then spread over the field to feed the crop as it starts to grow.

When the wheat has grown a bit it is sprayed to stop weeds from growing.

Then its on to the next bit!


Not much happens during the winter.

The wheat is growing slowly and the Farmer leaves it alone until March.

All quiet on the farm


After winter the wheat has not grown much more, so in the Springtime the Farmer spreads a Nitrogen fertiliser.

Then between now and April the wheat is sprayed (to prevent nasty diseases growing on the wheat).

In April and sometimes in May or June, the wheat is spread again with a nitrogen fertiliser and if there has been a lot of rain it is sprayed again with fungicide.

An insecticide is also applied to stop all sorts of nasty little bugs getting at our wheat!

There is a lot of spraying going on!


Now we have to just wait until the wheat grows enough to be harvested.

Not much goes on now until harvest time in August and September. But if you go to a wheat field during the Summer - and listen very carefully - you can hear the wheat crackling as the warm weather dries it out!

May as well have a rest!


Hey its August already!

Harvest Time!!

The Farmer uses a huge machine called a "Combine Harvester" - I'm sure you have seen them in the fields.

The Combine Harvester travels up and down the fields to harvest the wheat. It chops it off and it is then sucked through to a rotating drum which separates the chaff (the straw bits) from the wheat.

The wheat is put into a large tank in the Combine harvester and the straw is either blown back onto the field to be ploughed back in or it is rolled up into huge round straw bales which are sold for animal bedding/food.