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Waiter! Waiter! Bring me a crocodile sandwich and make it snappy! Mouse!!

Bread is one of the traditional staple foods which has fed people for centuries. It was called the "Staff of Life" in biblical times!

Bread is the Ultimate Fast Food!

Fillings between 2 slices of bread are a great healthy meal for anyone!

Bread is not fattening -
its what you put on it that is fattening!!

  Q. What do swamp monsters like for tea?

A. Beings on toast!


Tim: Say boast roast moast.
Todd:Boast roast moast.
Tim:Now what goes in the toaster? Todd:Toast
Tim:No bread.
Sent in by Kathryn Tompson

About 50% of the iron in the
average British diet comes
from cereal foods such
as Bread

Why did the grass invite the mushroom to his birthday party?
B ecause he is a fun-gi !


The longest 1 piece loaf ever baked was one of 583 ft 3in (177.77m) baked by Borzillo Bakery, Nornstown, Pennyslvania for a 1,085 lb (492 kg) hoagy roll sandwich for Kaiser Retractories of Plymouth Meeting on 26 Sept 1977.

(Guiness Book Of Records)

Q.What s brown and terrorises Bakeries?

A. Attila the Bun!

Q. What do policeman have in their sandwiches?

A. Truncheon Meat!

Q.why was 6 afraid of 7.
A. Because 7 ate 9


Q. Where does a cow go on a Saturday night?

Sent by Bobbi


Q:Why doesn't the Skeleton go to the bakers shop?

A: Because he had noBODY to go with!
Sent by Olivia