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Recipe Book

Fizzy Orange Slices Fizzy Orange Slices weird ingredients - great results
Cheesy Shapes Cheesy Shapes Savoury Snacks.
Chocolate Crunch Crunchy Chocolate Squares a fav with chocoholics
Funny Faces Funny Faces Get creative and play with your food
Flapjack FlapJacks stick in a tin for a week to go soft & scrumptious.
Toffee Apple Muffins Toffee Apple Muffins are great for Bonfire Night, Halloween - or any other time for that matter!
Bewitched Buns Spooky cakes for halloween.
Fun Bread Recipes More fun recipes are available in our educational 'Bread from Seed to Sandwich' pages
Video of Nick Botham icing a Fruit Cake.Video of Nick Botham icing a Cake

Don't forget to clean your teeth!

Don't forget to clean your teeth!