The Industrial Revolution

We now have a mechanised method of making bread, but the actual process is the same as in Roman and Norman times. It seems natural that the next step be factories. Bye Bye all those windmills!!

Recently, bread making has become computerised and large scale production of bread is now normal. Roads and transport are much improved leading to faster delivery of our bread.

Now most of us buy our bread from supermarkets instead of going to our local baker or even miller! Shame! Your local baker is very proud of his craft. After many years of learning the fine art of baking, he will have a wonderful range of delicious breads for you to try. White, Brown, Wholemeal, Rye - in all shapes and sizes. So next time you visit your local baker, ask him about the different loaves he has made that morning - he will be delighted to show you that there is a whole lot more to bread than just 'sliced and wrapped'; and it's tastier too!

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