Ghost Buns

Bewitched Buns and Batty Buns are fun for Halloween - or any other time for that matter!

To decorate the cakes :-

The Ghosts. 1. Choose 5 or 6 buns with the flattest tops, remove their paper cases and put them upside down onto a plate. Using the spreading knife, spread a little buttercream over the new top of each bun and press a marshmallow into this. 2. Spread a thin layer of buttercream up the sides of the bun and marshmallows. Stop the cakes from slipping by pressing down on top of the marshmallow with your hand.
3. Roll out the white ready-to-roll icing on a work surface dusted with icing sugar. Cut a 10 cm. diameter circle for each cake. You can use this circle as a template or a large pastry cutter if you have one. Place a circle of icing centrally over the buttercreamed cake. Press gently on the sides but leave the bottom edge flared out to make a ghostly shape. Use a little buttercream to stick on a pair of chocolate drops as eyes, and another cut in half for its mouth. Happy haunting!

You could always try making your own designs - how about a spider's web pattern or colour some ready-to-roll icing with orange food colouring and make some pumkins.


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