The Screen Room

Cleaning, Washing and Tempering

When the wheat is taken from storage in the silo it passes through the "screen room" - the wheat cleaning plant. Here machines remove the dirt and impurities.

There are several machines which do this job:


The first stage of cleaning the wheat is a machine called a "separator". This machine removes the rubbish from the wheat: any bits of stalk and any bits of the wheat which are not needed for milling.

This process is called "winnowing" - separating the wheat from the chaff (rubbish). Air streams are used to separate the rubbish from the heavier wheat grains.

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When the rubbish has been removed the grain is then taken by elevator up a floor to the Stoner.

This is a sloping table which vibrates and the heavier stones are shook out and collected to be thrown away. Magnets are used to remove bits of iron and steel.

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The wheat is then taken to a machine called a Scourer. This loosens the skin of the wheat and removes the "beard" - the hairy bit at the top of the grain.

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