Seives And Purifiers

After the flour has been through the First Break Rolls, it is then sent through pipes, by air, to the top floor of the mill to the next stage.

Here the rest of the bits of outer skin still stuck to the coarse flour are removed through a machine called a "Plansifter".

The "Plansifter" is large box containing large sieves, one below the other, which swings from side to side.

The first set of sieves remove the bits of Bran skins, these have bits of flour stuck to them, so they go back go back to be treated again. The last sieves are made of silk and these separate out the fine white flour which goes to the flour packing spout.

The bits which are too large to be packed as flour are known as "Semolina".This is sent to the next stage to a "Purifier".

Also, on this floor the extra vitamins, iron and Calcium Carbonate are added to the flour.