The Smooth Reduction Rolls

The Semolina goes through the "Smooth Reduction Rolls" for its final milling into flour.

These Smooth Rolls mill down the inner white portions of the wheat - Semolina - into a smooth, powdery flour.

The process of breaking, sifting and reducing continues until the flour and bran have been completely separated.

The flour which is produced from the First Break Roll is the whitest.

In most Mills there are up to 4 Break Rolls and 12 reduction rolls. Everything which has not been sifted through the Smooth Reduction Rolls the first time to be ground into flour, goes through the cycle again and again. Each time more Bran, more Semolina and more flour is removed.

The Flour and Bran is collected and brought to a packing floor or stored in silos. After being packed into paper sacks or loaded into a tanker it is then transported to the Baker!!

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